The new Arius started its journey more than 3 years ago and has since become the biggest innovation in the skating industry. With technology derived from the automotive race industry, GRN MNSTR collaborated with Powerdyne to produce the first real innovation in skate plates in over 30 years. From its patented ‘bi-lateral’ truck action and ‘butterfly cushions, to the lightweight low profile that gives you the best of both worlds for agility and stability.

The Arius is unlike anything ever made, and once you skate on it you’ll know exactly why.

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  • Unmatched stability and response in a simplified, revolutionary design
  • 6061 series heat-treated lightweight extruded aircraft aluminum plate
  • Anodized metallic red finish
  • Progressive Lateral Movement creates efficient pressure while eliminating traditional stress points that cause breakage
  • Precision machined aluminum trucks with chromoly steel axles
  • Unique Butterfly Cushion design requires no adjustment – simply install and start skating
  • 4 sets of high rebound urethane Butterfly Cushions for exact tuning

Arius skatesHardness key


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